A presidential visit to any remote corner of the United States is, historically, an occasion for celebration. To witness the leader of the free world roll through the streets of small town, USA is rare, and it has the potential to unite citizens behind the excitement of a high-profile visit.

When Donald Trump landed in Guilford, Maine in June of 2020, a host of red, white, and blue clad Mainers feverishly greeted him. …

Husky players and coaches look on from a socially-distanced bench as the team competes in a January 29th matchup against Foxcroft Academy. In keeping with Gov Janet Mills’ November order to keep indoor gatherings under 50, spectators have been barred from watching the Huskies play, and the bleachers have remained folded away.

Minutes before tipoff, the basketball court in Wright Gymnasium on the campus of Maine Central institute is silent. The varnished hardwood bleachers are folded against the wall, leaving a swath of pale floor where a mountain of spectators should be. The chemical scent of cleaning products fills the air in place of buttery popcorn, and the buzz of the crowd is replaced by the lonely echo of a few bouncing balls, muffled quickly by the vast emptiness of the room. …

Q and A with Tim and Joy Bueschen of Turning Page Farm

Tim and Joy Bueschen established Turning Page Farm Brewery in Monson, ME in 2016 and began brewing beer in 2018. They operate under the motto, “Small Town. Small Batch.”

Living intentionally can mean a lot of different things. For Tim and Joy Bueschen of Monson, Maine, it meant reimagining their entire lives. The owners of Turning Page Farm have been selling their homemade artisan cheese and craft beer in Monson since 2016 after leaving corporate careers in Europe. Customers can visit their Munich-inspired beer garden on weekends year round since the addition of a greenhouse-style tasting room.

The welcoming farmhouse vibe at Turning Page has quickly caught on with locals and tourists alike, even through the Covid-19 pandemic, although Joy had to cancel her annual two-day Goat School for…

Nick Miller

High school English teacher based in Central Maine, journalism masters student — University of Oregon ‘21. I write about Maine things mostly.

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